Friday Links

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I haven’t posted all week, so here are some things I’ve been reading over the past few weeks as a mea culpa. Let me know what you have been reading on the internet recently!

1. Okay, so the first one is a listen instead of a read, but it’s a phone call from the Nobel Prize to Alice Munro yesterday after she learned that she won it. The interview is short, Munro sounds adorable, and I love that she hopes her win will gain recognition for the short story as a format.

2. A Lapham’s Quarterly Roundtable on “the doldrums” citing Calvino, Davis Foster Wallace, and The Phantom Tollbooth? I think so. It reminds me of “at the still point of the turning world,” from T.S. Eliot’s Four Quartets and Joan Didion’s favorite line of poetry that she tried to keep in mind while writing.

3. Guernica sat down with Katie Kitamura, the author of The Longshot and Gone to the Forest, for a great interview that covers male vs. female writing (and why that distinction isn’t necessarily useful), resisting the impulse to be liked in her writing, and the relative unpopularity of challenging fiction in America (although I suspect many of you are like me and love challenging fiction). I highly recommend her books and the interview.

4. On a totally different note, Grantland has a wonderful retrospective on Myst, the exploratory computer game that many of us spent may hours playing. The two take-aways: is the internet the ultimate computer game, and why haven’t they made Myst for OSX?

5. A Ben Marcus story in the current issue of Tin House, which is also available on their website (expand Fiction > Ben Marcus to see it).

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